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Our Membership Program was designed for several reasons:

  • to offer you continuous savings for 12 months
  • to get you access to exclusive products year round
  • to help us get through this time of financial uncertainty 


We are offering 4 different membership levels, with different levels of savings and rewards. 


What kind of Member Only products can I expect?

  • Exclusive bars and confections
  • Access to bars and confections year round that have been retired or are seasonal only
  • Baked items and Desserts (some may be kits to make at home)

What does "Unlimited" and "Limited" access mean for the "Member Only" products?

Platinum members can purchase as much as they wish. Gold members up to 4 each. Silver members up to 2 each. And Bronze members only one.

Because many things will be produced in bulk, Gold, Silver, & Bronze members can request more than their allotted amount, and those requests will be fulfilled based on the level of membership, i.e. Gold first, then Silver, then, Bronze.

Why only a decreased discount for Subscription Boxes?

The Subscription Boxes are already 5% off what those products would be if you ordered them together. With the adjusted discount, your level of discount will be the same as if you we purchasing a la carte.

 What kind of recipes will be included in the Recipe Portal?

It will be a collection of both savory and sweet recipes I have made over the years for dinners and events. There will also be basic video "how to's". For example, there will be step by step videos on making your own chocolate truffles and caramel at home. Also, let's say we are making a dessert for a wine dinner. The recipe for that dessert will be available shortly after. 

You will also be able to email us directly if you have questions about a certain recipe and we will respond within 24-48 hours. 

 What will the Monthly Newsletter contain?

The newsletter will contain information on what we have in development and what we are going to offer for the next Member Only product. There will also be a chocolate & wine/beer/liquor pairings that we are excited about. Details of  new recipes will also be included. 

Can the Membership be refunded?

We cannot offer any refunds on memberships

Why would I continue my membership after one year?

When you renew your membership after one year, you will receive a gift shipment of chocolate curated to your liking and your level of membership.

If you are a Platinum member, you will receive $75 in chocolate. Gold members will receive $50, Silver members $25. 



Purchase a Membership