Salted Caramels
Salted Caramels
Salted Caramels

Xocolatl de Davíd

Salted Caramels

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A box of 4 chocolate covered salted caramels, each made with a different sea salt. These have been our best seller since we first started making them. It is an extremely dark caramel, that has a deeper and more complex flavor.

The four salts are:

Pangasinan Star- An Indonesian fleur de sel that is a little sweeter than its French counterpart.

Amabito No Moshio- A Japanese sea salt that is crystalized and harvested from seaweed.

Halen Mon Gold- A flake salt from Wales that is smoked with wood from a 600 year old oak tree.

Iburi Jio Cherry- Another smoked salt, this one comes from Japan and is smoked with cherry wood.


Coated with 72% Chocolate from Ecuador