Raleigh Bar

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Raleigh Bar

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Many years back, my friends at the world renown Pine State Biscuits here in Portland asked me to create something for them to sell at their restaurant. More specifically, a candy bar. They bugged me for a good 3 months before I came up with the first and only prototype. It was so well received that I knew I was not going to be able to sell it just at Pine State Biscuits. To thank them I named it after the founder of the "Pine State" (North Carolina, for those not in the know), Sir Walter Raleigh.

To me the classic candy bar is, nougat, caramel, and nuts coated in chocolate. I created mine with a southern vein since Pine State Biscuits is a southern style restaurant.

Chocolate Pecan Nougat & Salted Caramel, coated in 72% Chocolate from Ecuador.

2014 Good Food Award Winner!


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